Invite one of our beloved characters over to hippity-hoppity-have fun!


At the visit, your kids will be able to meet with their favourite frozen sister on a personal level and take part in EGG-celent activities! 

$60 All in!

If booking both characters (who would attend at different times) the price is $100


Choice between The Snow Queen or The Snow Princess

Each character does different activities.

Elsa: Easter Craft activity and Story time.

Anna: Easter egg hunt, Dancing Lesson and Story Time.

April 4th, 2021


To Book, Please submit a booking form!


Visit is up to ~30 minutes long. 

Visit is for 1-3 kids only! 

Visits are between 10AM - 7PM

Covid precautions must be in place at all times. 



Please note that the visits will take place between 10AM-7PM. Bookings will be available to make until April 1st. After that, we will finalize a schedule based on location.

This method will allow us to not charge a Travel Fee!

We will confirm the time with you on the evening of the 2nd. 


If there is a particular time that doesn’t work for you, let us know and we can try to work our magic! 

Please note the all rules outlined by the provincial government MUST be followed at all times. 

Physical Distancing and Masks are mandatory.

Rules are updated often so please contact us if you have any concerns.

Characters can set up the Egg hunt indoors or outdoors pending weather and client preference. 

Eggs can be filled or not filled with the selection of stickers, accessories, or chocolate.