At a Distance


Invite 2 of your Fairytale favourites over for a Socially Distanced Play Date! 

Up to 8 kids Maximum! 

More character Duos available upon request!


This will be a personable one-of-a-kind magical experience with our Little Princesses!

The visit will include:


30 Minute Mini Meet with the 2 Character duo of choice!

Interactive Story time and Sing Along

Meet and Greet

Photo Opportunities!


Our Mini Meets are $180 taxes included!

(OVER $300 Value!)

(Some addresses may experience a travel fee depending on your location)


We will provide Music, Social Distancing Mats (which are sanitized), Hand sanitizer, and magical memories to last a lifetime! Please note that characters will follow all social distancing rules, and by booking, you agree to our terms of service. Social distancing must be enforced by clients/parents at all times to ensure the safety of both guests and our performers. 


Add ons are also Available!


  • Deluxe Gift: $10

  • Games/Activities Add On: $30

  • Coronation Ceremony with Crystal Tiara: $20

  • Additional 15 Minutes: $40



Please Contact us to book! 


Character Duos


  • The Snow Sisters! (Classic Outfits or Brand new Frozen 2 Outfits available!)

  • Rapunzel and The Little Mermaid (With Dress or Fin! Poolside also available!)

  • Cinderella and Belle

  • Unicorn Princess and Tinkerbell

  • Wonder Woman and Super-girl (Song and Story replaced with Hero Training and games!)

  • Descendants Mal and Evie

  • Custom Duo!

8 Kids Maximum with this package

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Our Characters are based off of Public Domain Characters. No Copyright Infringement intended.