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Each party experience is completly original with each character, and can also be customized!
All of our Parties include music for the full duration of our visit to full immerse you into their kingdoms and fantasy worlds!
Please be aware of our Terms and Conditions upon booking!
Booking for the second time?
Let us know if you would like our basic routine, or something new!
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Note about included children

All Party Packages are available to upgrade to more children.
Please be aware in this case that all activities listed may not be able to be done in these time restraints. In this case, Activities may be swapped out to what the client would like most.
The addition of a Party Assistant will up your max guest count by 5.
Party Assistants are available to come alongside the character to assist in Face Painting, Game Direction, Assist taking photos, and any other needed tasks.
$50 additional fee.
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Our Characters are based off of Public Domain Characters. No Copyright Infringement intended.