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Lindsey Ingraham


Rapunzel attended my daughter's 3rd birthday party yesterday. It's was pure magic! Little Princess Parties is an extremely professional company, and I was completely impressed with how adaptable, prepared and fun Rapunzel was. Face painting and dancing were a huge hit! The children were completely mesmerized and it brought tears to my eyes to see how joyful they were. Truly a fantastic option for children of all ages. I highly recommend you book with Little Princess Parties for your event. I certainly will invite them to next year's birthday!

Wendy Martinez


We had Miraculous Ladybug at my daughter’s 8th birthday party. She was amazing, her costume was on point and she stayed in character the entire time. She kept the kids engaged, played many games with them, and told them stories as well. The kids (mostly eight year olds) asked many “tricky” questions and Ladybug answers were always clever. All kids had a blast, especially the birthday girl, a couple of kids left convinced they had met the real Ladybug and eight year olds are difficult to impress. 

Booking was very easy through their website. We communicated through e-mail, they responded all my questions quickly and were accommodating to requests. Payment was very convenient, made advanced payment through e-transfer and paid balance in cash on the day of the party.
We were a little bit nervous about the time of arrival as I was given an approximate time (within 15 minutes) but they were right on time.

We also loved they took pictures of the event and these were sent to us the next day. The pictures are great! It was one less thing we had to worry about, grown-ups we just laid back and relaxed during the party.
The only thing I would suggest is to add the character of Cat Noir with Ladybug :) 
To Ladybug and her assistant, you’re very talented and very professional ladies, thank you very much for making this birthday so special.

Amanda Carpenter Mill

The Beauty

Today we had Princess Belle come visit our Party. She read a book and danced with them. It was adorable . The kids loved it and she looked really good!

Cherry Lee Guthro

Cinderella, The Snow Queen, and The Spider Hero

Little princess parties done a wonderful job. The adults enjoyed watching as much as the kids enjoyed the singing dancing and face painting. Cinderella and Elsa were fantastic but spiderman was my personal favorite!

Emm Belle W Emir


Alice attended our daughter's 5th birthday party yesterday and was an absolute delight for the children (and parents)!! She arrived punctually and upon seeing her, they were ecstatic. Her costume was perfectly beautiful and I was amazed to discover that the owner of Little Princess Parties Halifax made it herself!! She sang, danced, played games, read stories, and played tea party with them.


I loved that she made all the children involved in everything and made our daughter feel special at the same time. She stayed in character from start to finish and fit the role so well!! Very professional, I highly recommend her or any character for that matter from this company after such a wonderful experience!! Thank you so much, we will be seeing you all again

Jennifer L Huston


Cinderella was amazing! My daughter had a wonderful time!

Laura MacNeil

The Snow Sisters

Just wanted to say what a great job Anna and Elsa did at The Play Place on Saturday. I know that all those little girls were beyond excited to see, dance, sing and get their pictures taken with the princesses (I know our two girls were). Definitely will be using and recommending your services in the future.

Lyndsey MacDonald

The Little Mermaid

We arranged for Princess Ariel to come over to surprise my nieces and they had a blast! She read them stories, showed them a star fish, and swam with them. She looked so much like the princess too, it was great. Thank you!

Kodie Whitehead

Rapunzel and The Beauty

We had Belle and Rapunzel for our daughters 4th Birthday today! The girls all loved it! They had their face painted, played games, danced, and Belle even brought out the Happy Birthday Cake! Defiantly well worth it! Thanks Again

Sarah Chiasson

The Little Mermaid

We booked Ariel for our daughters 7th birthday party on July 15th and she was amazing! Soo many memories made that will last forever! She was truly amazing with each and every child. We would totally recommend her to everyone! Thanks again!! 

Stacey King

The Wayfinder Princess

We hired Moana for my daughters 5th Birthday. She was amazing with the kids and she looked very much like Moana. Highly recommended!

Jill Marmulak

The Snow Princess

My daughter and her friends all had an amazing time with Princess Anna!! Thank you so much for making her 3rd Birthday magical!!

Annette Elliot Rose

The Wayfinder Princess

Moana came to my daughter's 7th birthday party and she did a fabulous job! All the guests enjoyed the face painting, story time and songs. My little one was over the moon. Thanks so much.

Tammy Dawn Shore

The Snow Princess, Cinderella, and The Beauty

My daughter won a princess visit contest. The princesses were great. The dresses they wore were beautiful. They gave her a sweet gift basket filled with lots of princess things. She loved the visit!

Raquel Groom


We had Rapunzel come visit for my daughter's birthday and everyone had so much fun. The girls loved that Rapunzel did their nails, face paint and read them a book. They had so much fun when it was time to dance with her. I would definitely recommend Little Princess Parties.

Kristen Bailey

The Beauty

Little Princess Parties make it so easy to bring a "real live princess" - as the kids were saying, to your event. Belle was wonderful and the kids absolutely loved her. She read a story, painted their faces and gave out lots of hugs. I definitely recommend them. My little girl keeps saying "I can't believe Belle came to my party!!!!" 

Laura Baxter

The Wayfinder Princess

We booked The Island Princess Moana for our daughter's 4th birthday party today and were really impressed. Our daughter was so excited to see Moana! She was great with the kids and kept them engaged throughout the party with different activities like face painting, storytelling, a game and dancing. The kids had a great time! I would definitely recommend Little Princess Parties.

Samantha Wheeler

The Beauty

Ive never hired a professional character before but after booking with Little Princess Parties there is absolutely no alternative to them. Princess Belle joined us for my daughters birthday today and she was amazing. So great with the kids and professional. She sang danced played games and took all kinds of pictures. She made sure to hug every child and made them all feel special and brought enchanted magic to the party.

Thank you Princess Belle for being our guest 

Kara Hobbs

The Snow Sisters

Elsa and Anna came to my daughters 4th birthday party and it was such a wonderful experience. All of the activities: face painting, reading, dancing and pictures were executed perfectly and professionally. The kids really believed they were there with Anna and Elsa - the only thing they couldn't figure out is why Elsa didn't use her magic powers!

Becky Thomas

The Little Mermaid

Ariel recently attended my daughter's 6th birthday party. It was truly a magical experience! Ariel and her assistant were wonderful with the kids. They spent time painting faces, painting nails, reading a book, playing games, and dancing with the kids. Ariel offered to take pictures with all of the kids, and made a special effort to include kids if they seemed shy (which was greatly appreciated).

They were on time (even a bit early), took their time, and did not rush at all. They were very professional, and we were so pleased to have them. The kids will remember that day forever! Would highly recommend this company! Thank you!

Courtenay Dianne

The Snow Queen

We had "Elsa" come to my twin daughters' 3rd birthday. She was so fantastic and had such a presence that even the adult were on pin and needles when she entered the house. The care and dedication put into her character was truly magical. All the children were captivated by her and enjoyed playing games, listening to a story and getting their faces painted. Thank you so much Little Princess Parties for making my girls dreams come true.

Andrea Mct

The Fairest Princess

Snow white came to my daughters birthday, and it was so much fun. Snow white was great with all the kids, took pictures let them sit on her lap , answered questions. Also read them a book, painted the girls nails and danced with them! It was a blast! I would highly recommend any princess from Little Princess Parties, they were very professional, great communication, and the kids (and adults) loved it! Cant say enough good things about them!

Mary Munny

The Snow Sisters

Anna and Elsa attended our Community Winter Fun Fest on Saturday March 3rd 2018. They were fantastic with the children! Singing songs, dancing, painting faces and interacting with guests. They did a fantastic job, were very well prepared and were professional from start to finish. I would very much recommend booking Little Princess Parties. It was a wonderful experience for our participants in our community event. 

Josh Hilton 
Community Development and Recreation Director 
Municipality of the District of St. Mary's

Nicole Greene

The Beauty

We had belle come to our daughters 4th birthday. She was amazing with the kids and just kept them going. I had so many compliments and my daughter and her big sister were over the moon. We cannot wait for there birthday in the new year one daughter is having Skye and Everest and the other mal and evie and both are beyond excited

Amanda Esplen

Sleeping Beauty

We had sleepy beauty come to our little ones 4th birthday party in November and she absolutely loved it! The girls had so much fun! Sleeping beauty was fantastic with the girls, it was such a pleasure to have her join the party! I would absolutely recommend Little Princess Parties to all my friends and family

HolMarie Took

The Spider Hero and Wonderous Woman

We had the chance for Spiderman and Wonder Woman to pop by our house yesterday. My son was super shy for some reason but Spiderman totally worked it out for him and eventually they were Spider racing and break dancing. I couldn't stop looking at Wonder Woman... her costume was super real... right down to her forearm bracelets. Super down to earth and inspite of the incessant questions that were character specific, they didn't miss a beat. Totally going to plan a super hero party

Sara Hanley

Rapunzel and The Little Mermaid

I had Ariel and Rapunzel at my daughters 4th birthday party and it was amazing! My daughter absolutely was in love with them! Seeing the expressions on my daughters face was well worth it! They were great with the kids! The kids loved when Ariel went for a swim in the pool. I will for sure be booking again as my daughter and her friends have not stopped talking about the princesses! Thank you so much for making her Birthday party one to remember!!

Holly Boudreau

The Snow Sisters

We had Anna & Elsa at our granddaughters birthday party on June 30th. They both loved it after they warmed up to them. They were shy at first. Anna and Elsa were in character the whole time. They did face painting, danced, sang songs, and did story time. They even took pictures with the group and birthday girls. It was well worth the money.

Jennifer Batstone

The Wonderous Woman

Thank you for a Super Fun Birthday!
The Wonderous Woman came by and did some Super Hero training, dancing, photos & Face painting. She was great at keeping the children engaged and made efforts to include the children that were feeling a bit shy. Punctual & stayed in character the entire time.

Jenna Lee-Shields

The Snow Queen

We had Elsa attend my daughters 6 birthday party absolutely phenomenal couldn’t ask for a better party Elsa was amazing absolutely magical the kids loved every moment I highly recommend using

June Mattatall

Cinderella and Owlette

I had a Halloween Birthday party for 3 kids and had Cinderella and Owlette join the party and they were both a big hit at the party, they were both fantastic, they kept the excitement going. I'll definitely invite little princesses to our party's again for sure.

Katherine Anne

Sleeping Beauty

Aurora came to my daughter’s 4th birthday party today. My daughter absolutely loved her and has been talking about her all day. Very realistic character and voice just like on the movie! Very happy overall.

HolMarie Took

Spider Hero and Wonderous Woman

We had the chance for Spiderman and Wonder Woman to pop by our house yesterday. My son was super shy for some reason but Spiderman totally worked it out for him and eventually they were Spider racing and break dancing. I couldn't stop looking at Wonder Woman... her costume was super real... right down to her forearm bracelets. Super down to earth and inspite of the incessant questions that were character specific, they didn't miss a beat. Totally going to plan a super hero party

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